The series Almighty resumes one of the most universal and recurring themes of art: the nude. However, Reyes does so from a perspective clearly removed from the traditional canons. In this way, the Almighty departs from all idealization of the nude; indeed, the human body is not used here as a vehicle for beauty, but, like artists such as Schiele, it is taken as an excuse to strip what is hidden under our skin.

In this series, Reyes stops and freezes that moment, almost unfathomable, where the sudden appearance of an irresistible and irreducible feeling takes over us. In short, Almighty is the devastating portrait of passion, that redoubt of the uncontrolled, that mark of disorder, of excess, where individuals and societies are flooded and lost*.


* See the foreword written by Lourdes Ortiz in: Trías, E. Treaty of the passion. Debolsillo, Barcelona, 2006. p. 9

Technical data

Collage, acrylic, spray, pencil and pastel

221 x 312 cm