Cage represents Reyes´s more concise approach to architecture. The references to structures and architectural elements are an active part of their ideology – such as their shelters, gates, dolmens, walls or pillars, although none of their pieces had until now been affiliated so enthusiastically with the art of volumes and space. However, in this approach, Reyes does not construct in the traditional sense of the term but rather resorts to the process of appropriation and accumulation of objects so characteristic of its production, and whose purpose is none other than the poetic recycling of the elements. Through a series of rescued cages, Reyes presents us with a sort of mock-up where the forms are erected as if they were a cathedral, consecrated to the void. The sensation of absence and emptiness that fly over Cage is nothing more than an invitation by the artist to let our imagination fly freely, and without ties.


Technical data

Wood, iron, various objects and lights

237 x 200 x 200 cm