Canon could be framed alongside the pieces Buoy and Stool, within that series of assemblages in which Reyes seems to rediscover the figurative. However in Canon and unlike the aforementioned works, the concept of creativity becomes the central axis of the piece. Here Reyes plays ceaselessly with objects, a priori disconnected from each other, in search of the recognizable in a reversal contrary to the process of abstraction. In this agreed relationship with the figurative, the artist unleashes one of his most symptomatic drives; total delivery to the creation *.

The final result is a canon made using futile elements, stripped of all functionality, which sees its immanent symbolism as being transfigured and trivialized before the thrust of the creative process itself.


* See the text of Juan Francisco Rueda for the catalog of the exhibition Zoom

Technical data

Miscellaneous objects, acrylic, pencil and spray

145 x 145 x 21 cm