Behind the disturbing realism of hut, close to abjectness and voyeurism, lies a brazen attempt to subvert the repression of those instincts and needs that have traditionally been stigmatized. A repression that undoubtedly constitutes the preliminary phase of our condemnation*.

Hut is an invitation to follow the advice of Walt Whitman and to live like animals, and finally stop lamenting for our sins and imperfections **. It is the necessary push that leads us, paraphrasing René Char, to develop our legitimate rarity. Hut is, in the author’s own words, a trampoline jump that falls on rock, necessary and inevitable ***.


* See: Freud, S. The malaise in culture. Alianza, Madrid, 2011. Page. 230.
** See: Mumford, L. History of utopias. Pepitas de Calabaza, Logroño, 2013. Pág. 25.
*** Quote extracted from conversations and interviews with the author himself.

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