Insect reveals the aesthetic and conceptual tautology on which the poetics of Reyes are based. These are: a continuing concern for the reinvention of what already exists and an incessant need to exhume what others have already assumed to be perishable.

Bauman* once said, In a liquid society, where everything is crushed before being assumed, Insect appears before us as a wandering raft where the ephemeral is carried in solemn procession.

Insect is disturbing. Its metamorphosis has been interrupted, in a Kafkaesque manner, where its worn oars draw violent lines of flight and its shabby vest speaks to us in the past. It disturbs us because, dragged by the current, it brings us back to what we thought we had forgotten.


*See Bauman, Z. Liquid Times. Barcelona, Tusquets, 2007.

Technical data

Miscellaneous objects, wood, acrylic, light and spray

250 x 285 x 90cm