One Size-Talla única

In this photographic work of Reyes lies an attempt to unmask that baudrillardesque hyperreality* where simulacrums and fictions redefine our society and continuously alter our perception of reality itself. In this attempt, the use of photography is not accidental, for what better discipline than that, which has shaken and subverted, from its beginnings and forever, the limits of what is real.

Baudrillard said that to disguise is to pretend not to have what you have and to pretend is to pretend to have what you do not have. One refers to a presence and the other to an absence **.One size neither dissolves nor simulates its own reality. All that is contrary, it appears before us as a revealed magic trick where the naive nature of the truth emerges strongly in the absence of artifice.


* On the subject of hyperreality and simulacra nothing better than going to the original source: Baudrillard, J. Culture and simulacrum. Kairós, Barcelona, 2007.
For a more summarized and concrete view see Baudrillard point and the four orders of the simulacra belonging to chapter 7 Analysis of post modernities in: Pooke, G. and Newall, D. Basic Art. Chair, Madrid, 2010. Pág. 241 ff.

** Baudrillard, op. Cit., P.12

Technical data

Photography and negatoscope

34 x 49 x 10 cm