Pilar questions our rational knowledge. This is not a novelty in the work of Reyes, because an important part of his ideas are based, precisely and in the artist’s own words, to question concepts or assimilated values that are of dubious utility *. Thus, seemingly watertight concepts such as weakness or strength are taken in Pilar to the land of doubt.

Pilar is an invitation to abandon reason and opt for intuition, because, as Valeriano Bozal warns, in the name of reason (…) coercion and even arbitrariness have been imposed, thereby losing freedom **. Forced before the poetics of the impossible, Reyes transforms the daily and forces us to deviate by those secondary roads where conventions and precepts are shaken to finally be reformulated.


* Excerpted from interviews and conversations with the artist himself.

* Muzzle, V. Modern and Postmodern. Madrid, History 16, 2000. Pág. 10.

Technical data

Wood, buttons and resin

206 x 21 x 9 cm


CAC Collection, Málaga