There is something random almost capricious about Shelf, as if it were a fun pastime.* However, beyond the idea of trivial absurdities, there is a deliberate exercise of abstraction that draws us into the realm of pure senses.

In the process Reyes shares with us the functionalist principle, form follows function **, disabling all functionality and transporting us to new territories in a sort of Hégira towards the conceptual.

Fixed in our new destination, Shelf, stands in visual poetry. His fickle calligraphy, where the recesses, holes and voids play with the space connecting directly with the metamorphic and volatile nature of the poetic discourse of Reyes.


* See the exhibition Buzz catalogue of the with texts by Juan Francisco Rueda. P. 7.

** Form follows function, in Spanish Form follows function, is a basic principle of design and functionalist architecture of the twentieth century. The final form of an object or building must be based on its functionality omitting everything that is an accessory.

Technical data

Wood, nails, and spray

38 x 196 x 18 cm